Official opening of new post office at Langney Shopping Centre.

New Post Office now open at Langney Shopping Centre

This week saw an exciting event at the Langney Shopping Centre. After more than 18 months we finally had the official opening by Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell of our brand new Langney Post Office. 

Run by Sholeh Williams, the Langney Post Office is open in conjunction with Sweetie Choices, a traditional sweet shop and another popular new addition to the mall.

It has not been an easy journey for the Post Office here at Langney Shopping Centre. As many of our regular customers will know, we lost our original Post Office, which was based in Martins, back in January 2019 when they closed their doors. 

The return of the Post Office can, in part, be attributed to local resident Anna Hooper, a regular visitor to the shopping centre and a frequent customer of the Post Office. She recognised the loss of this important facility and set about collecting over 5000 signatures to try and stop the closure. The petition was presented to Stephen Lloyd, the Eastbourne MP at the time, and both he and local councillors lobbied the Post Office to try and prevent the closure, but were unsuccessful. 

However, the strength of the petition and the hard work of Anna proved there was a need for a Post Office here at the Langney Shopping Centre and when Sholeh Williams applied to open and run a new Post Office the landlords of the centre gave their full support and committed to a deal that the Post Office accepted. 

The plan was to put the Langney Post Office in the new eastern extension of the centre when it was finished in November 2019. The shopfitting plans for the new Post Office were then agreed and the work was completed in early spring. 

Unfortunately we have had to wait a little longer still for the Post Office to open due first to the COVID-19 lockdown and then it was further held back because of training restrictions relating to social distancing. 

Finally, after a little over a year and a half the new Langney Post Office opened their doors to the public on 12th of August. 

A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. The Post Office is a much needed and welcome re-addition to the centre.